About you: your qualities

“Change is the nursery
Of musicke, joy, life and eternity.”

John Donne, Poet, Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral. c. 1595

There is one thing all my clients have in common: a commitment to change. They want to feel that they have done everything possible to do the best they can with their lives. They do not want to live with regret.

It was when I came to review the qualities of those who have collaborated with me over the last twenty years that I realized I had inadvertently become a life coach to gifted and talented individuals.

My review revealed they all share these qualities:

  • A proven desire to grow.
  • Independence of thought.
  • Real competence at whatever they attempt, though often they are their own harshest critics.
  • Above-average intelligence, not always recognized.
  • Creative in thought and often in work or pastime.
  • Generally appreciative of life.
  • An inner sense of unrealized potential.
  • A tendency to measure themselves against the best in the world.
  • They have all felt dissatisfaction with some part or parts of their lives. This dissatisfaction has manifested itself in many different ways, ranging from eating disorders and addictions to general discomfort, stifled motivation, confusion, depression, failure to achieve, relationship problems and so on.

Their occupations have included:

  • creative artists such as painters, sculptors, dancers and musicians;
  • hi-tech industry executives and technologists;
  • professionals such as accountants, consultants, doctors and dentists;
  • media professionals: writers, designers, etc.
  • independent, entrepreneurial businesspeople;
  • human resources specialists;
  • conscientious mothers anxious to provide the best parenting for their children;
  • retirees seeking to enrich their retirement;
  • students seeking balance and support for their often-difficult life choices;
  • expatriates and their families making a positive adjustment to new cultures;
  • career-minded individuals, male and female, seeking direction at a crossroads.

They are full of questions – about their lives, their interactions with others, their place and meaning in the world. They want to understand “what’s going on” so that they may make a more productive response to life’s opportunities.

Each uses their relationship with me to empower and embolden themselves, developing new skills and confidence. They are then able to take more considered risks, to satisfy themselves and enrich their lives.

If there is anything in this broad profile that resonates with you, we may have a basis for a productive partnership. You can explore further by scheduling a free exploratory ‘phone or Skype discussion using the form below.

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