About you: my belief about you

What is my belief about you?

You are unique in the history of the universe. No-one else will ever be conceived at the exact point in space and time as yourself. No-one else will ever replicate your exact mix of physiological and psychological characteristics.

You have your own understanding of the world, your own physical experience of the world, your own arrangement of internal and external organs.

In other words, you are a universe of one. This effectively means no-one else has the right to tell you how you should look, sound, or behave.

However . . .

Your universe co-exists with my universe and – today – 7 billion other universes. And that’s only the human ones. So even if you want to live totally alone you are forced to take the rest of us into account in your daily dealings.

Your task, it seems to me, is to manage the conflict between your drive toward individualized ‘unique’ existence and your need and desire to coexist with others. In other words, to grow while meshing your perfectly legitimate idiosyncrasies with those of others: all without losing sight of yourself.

This is important for all of us, because we need you – I need you – to be everything you can that is true to your essence. Only in that way does the larger universe of humans benefit from your activities and the activities of each of us.

My attitude toward you, therefore, is predicated on a deep respect for your uniqueness and a selfish – because beneficial to me – desire to see you fulfill yourself.

If the information on this web site resonates with you there is a strong possibility that we can create a mutually satisfying collaboration.

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