“The client is the primary change agent in therapy, not the therapist or the therapist’s techniques.”

Arthur C. Bohart and Karen Tallman, “How Clients Make Therapy Work”

I am in full agreement with Arthur Bohart and Karen Tallman (above) and what they say applies equally to coaching as to therapy. Accordingly, I am rather tentative about including testimonials on this site: it is my clients who deserve the accolades.

In addition, I am generally wary of the kinds of testimonials that helping professionals receive. Most relationships go through a period of idealization when the coach or therapist is perceived as able to do no wrong.

Accordingly, I have selected the kind words that follow according to two criteria: (1) they were completely unsolicited and (2) were written to me late enough in our working relationship to be past any idealization stage in therapy or life coaching.

I offer them partly as reinforcement for my statements in other parts of this site, and partly to honor those who took the time to let me know how they appreciated my work with them. I thank them. I value my work with them, too

In order to maintain confidentiality, I have omitted any identifying information.

“You enable me to enjoy being and living in the present as well as feeling excited and curious about the future . . . There’s no-one I would rather have with me while I explore my life, either to urge me on to see what’s round the next corner or to encourage me to examine what’s already there.”

“I don’t know how people manage without someone like you. It gives me such an advantage.”

“I rely very much on your steadfastness however jarring or jangling I am . . . I also love your fertile imagination and energy. It makes our relationship fun, stimulating and very enriching for me.”

“You’ve enriched my life and I’ll always be grateful.”

“Sharing my life with you has made all my hopes and dreams start to come true on this new journey through life, making up for all the years I have lost. You have helped me so much to rebuild my life. I will never be able to thank you enough. “

“I would like to thank you for your support and understanding and very valuable help.”

” When I think back and remember how I was when I first came to you, I never dreamt that it was possible to get where I am now. I feel happy and secure in myself and for the first time this is not dependent on the approval of others.”

“I will be forever grateful for the time we have worked together and for what we have achieved.”

“I feel much love and deep appreciation for everything that you are, and particularly your responsiveness, humor, questioning intelligence and enthusiasm . . . I feel a very different person from when we first met.”

“Thank you for being such a dependable and insightful person. You are a joy to work with. To our continued relationship . . . ”

“Thank you for your professional support and encouragement, you are a super coach. I feel at ease with your relaxed approach and look forward to learning a little more each session. I am already feeling a lot more confident, relaxed and attractive. With your ongoing support my life will become worth living rather than existing.”

“Thank you for listening to me and giving me the chance to turn things around.”

“I’d like to thank you. I feel happier, more secure and at peace with the world than I have ever done before. I also know that whatever happens in life I can cope whether on my own or with another. I am sure it was you who showed me the way, even if it was me that did the hard work.”

“Your attitude, your questions and your challenges, your rhythm and your notes have provided inspirational accompaniments to the drum that beats in my heart and mind. Thank you. You have stimulated a creative process that will endure long after we have gone our separate ways.”

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