Gifted adult coaching

“Self-recognition is not to fuel egotism or elitism, but to align with a more powerful,
creative part of you that will let your heart, your knowledge, your talent loose on the world.”
Mary Rocamora, founder of the Rocamora School, Los Angeles.

Dynamic Life Coaching was developed for those who demand the most from their lives. This quality is true of many individuals but especially of those classified as gifted, talented and creative.

This page offers a brief summary of some of the factors relating to gifted and talented adults that are enlarged on elsewhere in this web site. It also takes a quick look at Dynamic Life Coaching in the context of the personal fulfillment of the gifted.

First, a look at giftedness:

Many gifted and talented people:

  • are rich, famous and happy!

Many more gifted and talented people:

  • are rich, famous and miserable; or
  • float inevitably to a reasonably high position
    in their careers yet are still unhappy at work; or
  • view their lives as a mess, feel their awareness
    as crippling, see themselves as irrelevant or even a burden to family
    and society; or
  • experience so much distress that they adopt self-damaging
    behaviors ranging from addictions to eating disorders to ease the
    pain; or
  • have been discouraged from developing their giftedness
    as it is too challenging to the status quo; or
  • do not even realize they are gifted.

Life does not have to be this way. It is possible for gifted individuals to find their own unique path to an emotionally rewarding and happy life. They can accept and enjoy their own giftedness.

Being gifted is not restricted to intellectual powers. It also applies to physical attributes such as exceptional athletic talent or attractiveness; to social attributes such as being born into wealth or position; to creative talents such as art, musicianship, writing or performing skills.

These are all attributes that will have tended to isolate you from the largely unconsidered experimentation and social feedback that constitutes ‘normal’ development.

As a result, many gifted people do not feel shaped by their own experiences. They therefore do not really know who they are or what they really want for themselves.

Dynamic Life Coaching

After twenty years of practice as a registered psychotherapist, I have developed an approach to working with gifted individuals which has proved very successful. I call it ‘Dynamic Life Coaching’ because it combines the profound insights of psychotherapy
with the positive reality of life coaching.

Why coaching rather than psychotherapy or counseling? Because my own experience as a ‘recovering’ gifted person and my many years of practice have shown me that the medical model of working with distressed or dissatisfied gifted people is simply not relevant to most.

Our distress has nothing to do with sickness but with the difficulties of living in a world whose ‘norm’ appears distant and even threatening to our own. And where our efforts to be ‘normal’ fail to bring us the acceptance and peace we seek.

This sense of alienation creates an unique alertness that gives rise to the first rule of coaching gifted people: no bull! Our antennae have been developed and sharpened for many years under extreme circumstances.

We don’t need more people placating us, flattering us, grovelling to us or rejecting us because they are jealous or fearful of our gifts. Nor do we need more well-meaning but inadequate ‘helpers’ who are simply out of their depth with us.

Dynamic Life Coaching helps you discover who you truly are in a positive and collaborative environment that emphasizes success in your own terms.

As your life coach, I can help you uncover and enjoy who you are by discovering and balancing all those things that define your uniqueness and constitute your whole strength.


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