Challenges of the gifted adult

“In a world in which emotional health is defined in terms of contentment, ability to relax, satisfaction with self and with life, and lack of inner conflicts, it is no wonder that the perfectionist is perceived as neurotic. . .  All gifted individuals are perfectionists in something.”

Linda Kreger Silverman PhD

To be gifted is very often to be classified as neurotic. To be gifted and not to know it is to perceive oneself as neurotic or worse. Here are some of the ways in which gifted people become confused with neurotic people:

As these brief assessments on the linked pages show, the challenges facing gifted people arise directly from the exceptional qualities that mark us out as genuinely different.

Sometimes, as with the rich, privileged, athletic or beautiful, the difference is obvious. With psychologically and intellectually gifted individuals it is not so obvious. But the results are the same and can lead to very similar and potentially self-damaging adaptive behaviors.

Dynamic Life Coaching provides an environment in which gifted people can re-work their approach to life. They can then move into a richer and more productive pattern of behaviors that support, rather than seek to obliterate, their uniqueness.

Follow the links to read a bit more about the challenges of being a gifted adult.

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