Existential depression and the gifted adult

Existential depression.

Existential depression is the classic “what’s the point?” form of depression which I regard as a totally understandable knee jerk response to the condition of the world we live in. Like most such responses, however, it does not stand up to a more thoughtful examination.

Before this examination can take place, it is frequently necessary to work through the cynicism, rejection and raw hurt that a gifted individual can build up through years of painful existence. There is usually also a significant store of anger that the gifted person has been hoarding since experiencing the frustrations of childhood.

All of which adds up to a non-clinical depression which is the inevitable result of seeing the truth but being powerless to change things.

There are strategies for dealing with this depression which involve a combination of intellectual and emotional factors. They can be develoed through coaching.

They are certainly more effective in the long term than those ruthless forms of self-treatment which gifted people resort to when they feel particularly trapped: self-damaging behaviors.

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