Gifted adult intensity

Intensity and the gifted

Gifted people are intense. This is because things matter to them very much. And why not? If you can see the emperor has no clothes, shouldn’t you shout about it and try to catch someone’s attention? And if society smiles benignly and ignores you, shouldn’t you shout even louder?

It is this intensity, fueled by a highly developed sense of values, that leads many gifted individuals to throw themselves enthusiastically into good causes.

The gifted are to be found everywhere in social, political and ecological causes and even in cults. In this way the gifted person hopes to kill two birds with one stone, combining an outlet for humanistic energy with the joy of belonging to a group.

Very often, however, this strategy fails because they find that group dynamics tend to prevail over good intent. Then the cause can become secondary to the need to establish hierarchies and alliances and all the other bits of human impedimenta that effectively stand in the way of progress.

And so it goes on. The gifted individual feels driven by irresistible inner motivations yet has enormous difficulty in directing this force in a way that is both productive and meets social norms. Meanwhile they can also feel they are letting themselves and others down. Truly, they are experiencing: the curse of the blessed.

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