Gifted adults: the curse of being blessed

The curse of the blessed: the gifted adult’s burden.

It can be hell to be born lucky.

If you are lucky to be beautiful, people rarely see beyond your features and behave toward you as they imagine you are, not as you really are.

If you are lucky to be rich, people rarely see beyond your bank balance and treat you with resentment or false friendship, depending on their natures.

If you are lucky to be brilliant, people rarely see beyond your intellect, revering you and denying you the simple pleasures they imagine are beneath you.

If you are lucky to be musical or artistic, athletic or poetic, the story is the same: it is hard for you to touch base with reality, to know who you really are, because those around you are not grounded when they are with you.

Many of the trials of the psychologically and intellectually gifted are also experienced by  the societally and physically gifted. Those born with wealth and position, or born beautiful or with natural athletic prowess have great difficulty finding their true selves. They can never know what they would have been if they hadn’t been born rich or handsome.

They can never experience the confidence of having made ‘it’ through their own efforts unless they take conscious steps to accomplish it.

Like anything that comes too easily, and whose existence seems too closely related to pure chance, these forms of giftedness can be very damaging to self-esteem. They give rise to self-denigrating comments such as: “I’m only here because of my looks”, or “If it hadn’t been my father’s business I’d never have made it”, or “It was just luck: I was born that way.”

Fortunately these challenges can all be met provided diligence and commitment is applied in an appropriate developmental ‘crucible’. Dynamic Life Coaching provides such an environment. It will help ‘lucky’ individuals avoid the self-damaging impact of low-achievement.

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