Gifted adult search for identity

Gifted search for identity.

It sometimes seems that gifted people have more difficulty discovering who they are than almost any other group. On one level, the reason for this is obvious and results from two facts:

  • Gifted people tend to be better than average at many things.
  • Humans gain a sense of identity, in part, by testing a number of things and discovering what it is they’re good at and enjoy to the exclusion of other things.

It’s very hard for gifted people to reach the rejection stage of this selection process because their testing can take them so much further into excellence that it can seem as if they’re doing the right thing. After all, if you’re so much better than the next person at the same task then ‘society’ will tell you that that’s what you should be doing. So why does it feel such a pain?

The challenge for gifted people is to push themselves beyond the ‘good enough’ barrier and so discover what they really enjoy and can sustain into the future. Which leads neatly into the next challenge for gifted people: existential depression.

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