Self-harm and the gifted adult

Self-damaging behaviors of the gifted

The ceaseless clamour of internal drives and hyper-awareness can overwhelm many gifted individuals. They then resort to behaviours designed to bring ease to their situation, These behaviors frequently include eating disorders, sexual acting out, drug and alcohol abuse and many other forms of self-harming.

Some of the behaviors adopted by gifted adults are genuinely life-threatening and may occasionally require medical intervention. However, long after medical intervention has ended, the psychological dependence on the behavior can continue. This, for example, is what makes Alcoholics Anonymous claim that there is no ‘cure’ for alcoholism.

This dependence can be reduced almost to insignificance by developing an inner strength based in joy and appreciation of one’s true strengths. It is precisely this recognition and approval that was lacking at a crucial time and which led to the development of the behavior in the first place.

The process of moving beyond these behaviors can empower gifted individuals and enrich their lives. However, the shift takes substantial dedication to the process and a readiness to redirect some of the enormous energy that the eternal world subjectively experiences as intensity.

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