Dynamic Life Coaching

” We must all look at the world at large, and then each of us must act within our own sphere of influence in ways that are thoughtful, creative and forward-looking. To do this we must be able to absorb new information and come up with solutions for a myriad of challenges.”

Bobbi DePorter, “Quantum Learning”

Dynamic Life Coaching helps you see yourself and the world through different sets of eyes – different paradigms. You are thus enabled to see strengths and opportunities that would otherwise have remained hidden from you.

This ever-expanding way of responding to the world is just one of the factors that makes coaching one of the most productive investments of time and money a person can make in themselves.

Clients routinely report levels of sustainable change that amount to whole new lives.

The life-coaching process

Broadly speaking, life-coaching is a process of dialogue which has as its goal to improve the client’s life. We meet on a regular basis, via Skype, Facetime or over the ‘phone, to explore your life and develop fresh vision and motivation for the future.

This bald statement cannot do justice to the dynamism and excitement that informs so much of the work when the client and life coach are in tune with each other. It is no exaggeration to say that the quality of the coaching dialogue is the absolute key to success.

Coaches vary enormously in their personalities and approaches to life coaching. It is vital that you put enough effort into your evaluation process to feel sure you have found a coach with whom you feel truly aligned.

I call my approach “Dynamic Life Coaching” because it works on a more profound level than more mechanistic approaches. Dynamic Life Coaching is a synthesis of the main theories of personal development and the main approaches to psychotherapy, counseling and coaching. (See “Integrative Depth-coaching Theory.”)

Personal and business life coaching

It is customary to make a distinction between personal and business life coaching. I offer both, utilizing my experience from my years in business as well as my experience as a life coach.

Personal coaching is the most complete form of coaching, developing your ability to accomplish your best both at home and at work. It provides you with an experienced mentor who can work with you on all the issues that affect your daily success and sense of well-being.

Such issues range from developing your own unique philosophy and life strategy to how to handle the unreasonable next-door neighbor or the overbearing boss. They might also include completing a recovery from an eating disorder or similar sign of developmental distress. Key words for this form of life coaching include: change, fulfillment, development, congruence, consistency, strength, growth, transformation and discovery.

Business coaching, sometimes called executive or professional coaching, focuses on development primarily in the work arena.

My basic assumption around business coaching is that you, the client, are already competent. Business coaching enhances that competence by developing your awareness and self-confidence. This gives you a reliable inner strength that enables you to handle yourself more effectively no matter what the circumstances.

You will explore the realities of power in the corporation and learn to identify and work with the underlying dynamics of given situations.

Keywords for this form of coaching include: performance, productivity, influence, leadership, effectiveness, achievement and decision-making.

Both forms of life coaching provide:

  • A greater sense of purpose in life.
  • The ability to respond more rapidly and effectively to given situations.
  • Improved relationships of all types.
  • Heightened emotional intelligence.
  • Clarity of vision and life focus.
  • More rapid and easier transition through life and career changes.
  • Greater confidence to take on more rewarding challenges.
  • Release from inhibiting and self-defeating behavior.
  • Reinforcement of your own motivation and determination.
  • An understanding of your own dynamics so you may recognize those of others and work more effectively.
  • The freedom to see yourself as totally justified in your desires, feelings, and actions.
  • A powerful sense of integrity.

As your life coach and collaborator, I contribute:

  • Reliable and loyal collaboration.
  • A wide breadth of life and professional experience.
  • A depth of emotional understanding.
  • Substantial intellectual capability.
  • My commitment, belief, skills, knowledge and humor.
  • The creation and maintenance of a growth environment.
  • Constructive feedback and observations on your way of operating.
  • Suggested avenues for you to explore.
  • The presence and security of a partner.
  • Creative stimulus.
  • Mutual celebration of your successes.
  • Decision-making support
  • Dedication to your success.

I make a real distinction between life coaching and training. I do not teach techniques such as methods of time management, public speaking or how to dress.

In similar vein, I try not to waste your time and money by repeating things you could read for yourself by buying a book. I will, however, urge you to buy the book and explore with you any resistance you have to buying the book.

Some miscellaneous points . . .

. . . I work in a way that helps you make changes at a sufficiently deep level to ensure sustainability. There is nothing more disheartening than failing to sustain a valuable new behavior.

. . . coaching relationships are of different lengths but are rarely short. A full life is one in which goal succeeds goal and challenge follows challenge. An effective coaching relationship is of consummate ongoing value during this process.

. . . I have successfully coached clients in the process of recovering from a variety of supposed clinical disorders: anxiety; eating disorders; compulsive behaviors; addictions to drugs, alcohol and sex; recovery from childhood abuse of many different kinds; and so on. These clients have moved from being people-in-recovery to people-with-a-life.

. . . I have coached couples on their relationships and with many in groups.

. . . I have coached those who are already living successful lives but who wish to take themselves further in some way.

My approach is very widely applicable because it does not depend on a narrow theoretical view. Find out if it may suit your needs by contacting me now to arrange your free exploratory Skype or ‘phone call. You can email me using the form below.

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