Integrative depth coaching theory

“The danger is dogmatic thought: it plays the devil with religion, and science is not immune from it.”

Alfred North Whitehead, Mathematician and Philosopher

Dynamic Life Coaching combines the strengths of both psychotherapy and conventional life coaching as catalysts for growth. It delivers the benefits in a collaborative partnership that generates possibility, warmth, insight, hope, friendship, and empowerment.

The Dynamic Life Coaching Solution

Dynamic Life Coaching draws from an extremely broad range of theories relating to human nature, human development, psychotherapy and life coaching. It is thus comprehensive and flexible, reflecting the freedom of the approach in practice.

There have been hundreds of books written on these various topics, so on this page I’m just going to list the main contributors to the theory, and their specific contribution.

The list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it in any particular order. In some cases the contributor is not the originator of the theory but has done much to communicate its worth.

Theoretical contribution
Gordon Allport Uniqueness of personality
Roberto Assagioli Psychosynthesis
Eric Berne Transactional analysis
John Bowlby Theory of separation and attachment
Barbara Ann Brennan Mind/body/spirit
James Bugental Existential therapy
Stephen Covey Principle-centeredness
Tony Crisp Dreamwork
Kazimierz Dabrowski Emotional development
Erik Erickson Development theory
Ronald Fairbairn Object relations
Sigmund Freud The power of the unconscious
Shakti Gawain Creative visualization
Peter L. Gill Principle of not-knowing
Daniel Goleman Emotional intelligence
Robert Greene Realities of power
John Grinder & Richard Bandler Neuro-linguistic Programming
Jean Houston Enhancing humanness
C.G.Jung Personality typing
Melanie Klein Projective identification
Lawrence Kohlberg Development theory
Lao T’zu Tao te Ching
Alexander Lowen Bioenergetics
Abraham Maslow Self-actualization
Pyramid of needs
Transpersonal psychology
Jacob Moreno Psychodrama
Eileen Mulligan Structured coaching
Caroline Myss Mind/body/spirit
Penney Peirce Intuition development
Fritz Perls Awareness therapy
Ira Progoff Structured journaling
Wilhelm Reich Character armor
Carl Rogers Client-centeredness
John Rowan Humanistic psychology
Alan Watts Accessible zen
John Whitmore Coaching as culture

As I compiled this list I became aware of the hundreds of others who could justifiably add their names to it. I am grateful to all of them for their thought and for their effort in making their thought available to us all.

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